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  • Deitering, A. & Filar-Williams, B. (2018). Make it work: Using service design to support collaboration in challenging times.” International Information & Library Review, (50)1, 1–6. 
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  • Filar Williams, B.  (2010). Several guest blog posts: Going the Distance without Leaving your Desk,  More Ways to Print Green American Library Association’s  Green Your Library blog.
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  • Filar Williams, E. (2003).  Navigating from the Sky: Using a GIS for Digital Indexing of Aerial Photos.  Technical Services Quarterly, 22 (2), 1-14.

(Inter) National Presentations

State Presentations

  • Filar Williams, B.,  Downey, A., Marquez, J. & Sevin, C. (2016, April). Wayfinding: a tale of two libraries and their methods for understanding library navigation. Oregon Library Association Conference 2016, Bend, OR.
  • Chester, M., Filar Williams, B., & Robertshaw, B. (April, 2016). Poster Session: Going “Mobile”: A Library Wayfinding Solution. Oregon Library Association Conference 2016, Bend, OR.
  •  Filar Williams, B. (2014, January). Best practices for presenting online.  Presented via Google Handouts on Air for North Carolina Library Association’s Technology and Trends Roundtable, with moderator K. Shields. (slides and youtube recording)
  • Filar Williams, B., & Shields, K. (2013, December). Our favorite technology tools and trends of 2013.  North Carolina Library Association’s Technology and Trends Roundtable.
  • Blas, N., Craft, A., Filar Williams, B., & Krautter, M. (2013, October).  From foundation to tower: Building blocks for your library career.  North Carolina Library Association Biannual Conference, Winston-Salem, NC.
  • Aldridge, K., & Filar Williams, B. (2013, April).  Embedding streaming films & lessons in your online classes. Showcase demonstration for 1st Annual UNCG Online Learning Symposium, Greensboro, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2012, November). Webinar facilitator for Instructional Design Lightning Round-Up.  NCLA Distance Learning Interest Group.
  • Filar Williams, B. ,& Harris, A. (2012, August). Leading from the Side: getting things done when you aren’t in charge. 3rd Annual ShareAcademy, Charlotte, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B.  (2011, November). Free & Easy 2.0: Online Tools to Support Teaching, Learning & Productivity. North Carolina Community College Association of Distance Learning Conference,  Raleigh,  NC.
  • Archambault, A., Filar Williams, B., & Pressley, L. (2011 October). Everybody Teaches! Creating Effective Online e‐learning Experiences. Pre-conference half-day workshop at North Carolina Library Association biannual Conference 2011, Hickory, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B., & Ozan, M. (2011, October). Free & Easy 2.0: Online Tools to Support Teaching, Learning & ProductivityNorth Carolina Library Association biannual Conference 2011, Hickory, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2011, October).  Poster Session: UNCG Instructional Tech Toolkit: Online Tools to support teaching, learning and productivity. North Carolina Library Association biannual Conference 2011, Hickory, NC.
  • Archambault A., & Filar Williams, B. (2011, May). Poster Session: Instructional Tech Toolkit @ UNCG Libraries. LAUNC-CH Research Forum, Chapel Hill, NC.
  • Dale, J.,  & Filar Williams, B. (2010, November).  Going the Distance without Leaving Your Desk.  UNC CAUSE Conference, Wilmington, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2009, October). Creating a Green Environment at Your Library. Presented two sessions at the Southwest Days: Wide Angle Scan of the Future, Durango, CO.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2009, June). Going Green @ Your Library Workshop.  All day workshop for Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System (SELMS), Lakeville, MA.
  • Crumpton, M., Filar Williams, B., & Dorsey, S. (2009, May). It’s not easy being green – the Politics and Issues of Establishing a Green Environment. Keynote panel presentation for The Green Paraprofessional Conference: Repurposing Libraries in a Cost Conscious Economy, North Carolina Library Paraprofessional Association Conference, Greenville, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2009, May).A Little Green Can Go a Long Way: Creating a More Eco-Friendly Library. Presentation at the North Carolina Paraprofessional Association Conference: Repurposing Libraries in a Cost Conscious Economy, North Carolina Library Paraprofessional Association Conference, Greenville, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2008, November). Going Green @ Your Library. Two half-day workshops presented for the Metropolitan Library District, Burr Ridge, IL. and North Suburban Library System, Wheeling, IL.
  • Filar Williams, B., & Lage, K. (2007, June). Sanborn Maps Digitization Project. Colorado Academic Library Summit, Denver, CO.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2005, November). Greening Your Library.  Colorado Association of Libraries Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

Local Workshops 

  •  UNCG’s FTLC Power Up:  helped develop the first ever, 3-day hands-on event  in May 2013 with 32 faculty in attendance. Reworked the event into hybrid session, 1-2 days and part online for Dec 2013; repeat for 2 days in May 2014.  Goal: for faculty to work through designing their online class, through guided sessions, lectures from various people on campus, and hands-on or one-on-one time. I taught some sessions, coordinated others, assisted with developing the online portal of resources and coordinated sessions with library liaisons.
  • Filar Williams, B.  (2013, December) Judge for the Winston-Salem State University Libraries “Flipping the Classroom Contest.”
  • Filar Williams, B. (2013, November) UNCG Faculty Forum panelist, for first UNCG Faculty Senate Online Learning Forum.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2013, August). Multimedia and Digital Media Common Resources. Co-presented two, 30-minutes session to School of Education Faculty.
  • Blas, N., Craft. A, Filar Williams, B. & Krautter, M. (2013, March) What I did not learn in library school – 90-minute online webinar presented to local Library & Information studies students. 
  • Filar Williams, B. (2013, January)  90 minutes hands-on workshop for library staff: Creating Tutorials Using Jing.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2013, February) Taught several short workshops for the HHS Instructional Technology Showcase on screencasting, streaming films, and other library resources for School of Heath and Human Sciences  faculty at UNCG.
  • Filar Williams, B., & Gwynn, D. (2012, September/November). Copyright, Creative Commons, and Streaming Films @ UNCG Libraries. Co-presented 1.5 hour workshop to the UNCG School of Health and Human Performance (sept) and one for UNCG Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (nov).
  • Filar Williams, B., & Martin, B. (2012, November). Online Learning Tools and Techniques: Blackboard Collaborate and Google Hangouts. Co-presented 2 hours session to School of Education Faculty.
  • Filar Williams, B., & Hunnicutt, N. (2011, November). Online Learning According to Quality Matters. Co-presented 2 hours session to Library and Information Studies Department Faculty.
  • Filar Williams, B. ,& Crumpton, M. (2011 March, April, May). Meeting Management in-person workshops for library staff.
  • Filar Williams, B., & Archambault, A. (2010, November, January 2011) Staying Current with Your Research. Co-presented this hand-on session for the UNCG online workshop for UNCG faculty and students.  Office of Leadership and Services Learning’s Brown Bag Lunch Series & a session for the University Libraries and Department of Library and Information Studies.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2010, July). Reaching Our Distance & Online Learners. Presentation to UNCG library staff.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2010, June & August). Using Elluminate Live! Presented 2 hands-on workshops for UNCG Library staff.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2010, March & September). Overview on UNCG Libraries Distance Learning Services & Resources. Presented twice for the Library & Information Studies Department’s Town Hall, Charlotte, NC.
  • Filar Williams, B., & Kellam, L. (2009, July & November). Intro to Creative Commons. Co-presented two hands-on workshops for UNCG library staff and students.
  • Filar Williams, B. & Leininger, L. (2009, July). Introduction to Zotero Citation Management software. Co- presented for UNCG library staff.
  • Filar Williams, B. (2009, March). Introduction to Podcasting. Presented two hands-on workshops for UNCG Library‘s “Exploring Web 2.0 Series.”
  • Filar Williams, B., & Leininger, L. (2008, December). Scholarly Tools Tutorial: Endnote and Zotero. Co-presented for the UNCG Center for Critical Inquiry (Now MERGE) faculty.


  • 2013-2014: State Library of North Carolina, LSTA Grant of $22,000 to develop M2: Mobile Makerspace for LIS graduate students to experience hands-on maker technologies as well as liaising to academic department to develop curriculum and subject based lessons, activities and assignments.
  • 2011-2012:  Triad Interuniversity Program Planning (TIPP) grant “Developing a Low-Cost Concentrator System to Make Solar Electric Farming a Viable, Acceptable, and Widespread Business Practice in North Carolina and beyond.” Part of the grant team, with a role of online education and marketing.
  • 2010: Grant awarded to fellow librarian Jenny Dale and me to create a Brief Hybrid Workshop, Embedding Information Literacy in Online Teaching, funded by the UNCG Teaching and Learning Center.
  • 2010:  UNCG Libraries Innovation & Program Enrichment Grant awarded for me to collaboratively work with paid Library and Information Studies Department (LIS) graduate student to begin creation of an online Instructional Technology Toolbox to benefit librarians, LIS faculty and LIS graduate students, enabling them to learn about new technologies, find a tool that meets their needs, and promote meaningful learning and application.

Honors, Recognitions, and Awards

  • 2014-2015 Academic Year: Co-PI on a Making Makers grant funded at $21,000 from the North Carolina LSTA funds for UNCG. Goal: to educate LIS students and others around North Carolina about the world of makers and makerspaces through multiple means and sessions. (More details here)
  • 2013-2014 Academic Year: Tech Tools Fellowship with the UNCG Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons
  • 2012: Invited at guest lecturer for 2 weeks for Digital Libraries Learning Program, in Parma, Italy. Presentations: Designing e-learning Objects; Creating the Digital User Experience at UNCG Libraries. Received Kohler Fund from UNCG International Programs Center for the trip (read more from IPC or my blog)
  • 2010/11 and 2013/14 Academic Years:  Selected to participate in Teacher-Librarian Project – now the Real Learning Connections Project –  jointly sponsored by UNCG Libraries and Library and Information Studies Department to post a year long, part time LIS grad student under a practicing librarian to connect with the academic faculty and concurrent courses by the student that year.
    • 2010-2011:  LIS student (A. Archambault)  in the area of instructional technology and distance education.
    • 2013/14: LIS student (M. Folkman) in the area of the Digital Media Commons.
  • 2010:  Awarded third place By Salem Press in the library blog category of “Quirky Library Blogs” for my Going Green @ Your Library blog.

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