This site hosts my curriculum vita or e-portfolio, with examples and links showcasing my scholarship, service, and experience within a variety of library settings.  Earning a Master of Library Science from the University of Maryland in December 1997, I have garnered a wide range of knowledge and professional experiences for over sixteen years.  My school librarianship certification coursework gave me basic theory in educational psychology, instructional design, and teaching pedagogies applied not only in my 2 years as a middle school librarian, but very useful as a librarian in academia. As a Map Librarian running a small branch unit,  I seized opportunities to dive into every process necessary to manage a library – from original cataloging of maps to building GIS data repository.  As a library consultant for both the former Southwest Library Services and the statewide Colorado Library Consortium, I experienced a leadership role, consulting and training librarians, building statewide networks of people, supporting group consortium purchases, and creating continuing education opportunities statewide for every type of library. For the past over six years I was  coordinator of library services for distance learning, taking on a new library role in the growing online learning world of today.  Assisting when opportunities arise in new area of libraries, I was  interim head of  the ILL unit for a transitional year and also served as  interim head of our new Digital Media Commons – a space for creating multimedia related projects.  I am now starting a new role as head of the new Library Experience and Access Department at Oregon State University.  Sustainable, green librarianship has been applicable throughout my career as well, with a recent accomplishment working with a small dedicated group to bring a new Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT) to the American Library Association.  I see libraries as a way to open doors to all people  through its physical spaces, virtual access, freedom of information, community engagement, and creative and educational opportunities.